New Song Resources

Calvary Chapel Downey

Worship projects written and produced when Dan Marks was the worship leader at Calvary Chapel Downey with Greg and Pam Fadness.

Calvary Chapel Music

Calvary Chapel Music is the sound of revival. Songs of Praise, Songs of Faith from the Jesus Movement.

Calvary Chapel Worship

New Songs of Worship distributed through the Calvary Chapel Worship Conferences 2018 - 2019 and the Worship Life Conferences from 2002 - 2008.

Calvary Collective

Calvary Collective is a group of worship leaders and song writers from Calvary Chapel churches all over the country that have partnered together with one common goal: to write scripture filled, gospel centered, and theologically sound worship music for today’s church.

Deep South Worship

The Worship Ministry of Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain

EQ Worship

Worship Ministry of Calvary Chapel Tri-Cities

Lighthouse Worship

Lighthouse Worship is the worship ministry of Lighthouse Church Twin Falls.

West Coast Worship Conference

The West Coast Worship Conference is a 3-day conference where worship leaders, musicians, vocalists, senior pastors, and tech teams can be equipped with resources to take their ministry to the next level. The conference offers six main sessions, worship and workshop sessions, and leadership classes. The main sessions will be taught by Calvary Chapel pastors. These are designed to refresh, inspire, and challenge attendees in their relationships with God. Worship sessions will be led by Calvary Chapel worship leaders.

Wildwood Worship

Worship Ministry of Wildwood Calvary Chapel

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