CCA Worship Conferences

CCA West Coast Worship Conference - June 25 - 27

The West Coast Worship Conference is a 3-day conference where worship leaders, musicians, vocalists, senior pastors, and tech teams can be equipped with resources to take their ministry to the next level.

The conference offers six main sessions, worship and workshop sessions, and leadership classes. The main sessions will be taught by Calvary Chapel pastors. These are designed to refresh, inspire, and challenge attendees in their relationships with God. Worship sessions will be led by Calvary Chapel worship leaders.

Our workshops are taught by industry experts and professionals. Leadership classes will teach worship leaders how to be more effective in building teams. We offer 20+ workshops that will be happening throughout the weekend.  Every conference attendee will be given a ton of worship resources to take back to your home church.

CCA West Coast Worship Conference - September 5-7

The West Coast Worship Conference is a 3 day conference where worship leaders, musicians, vocalists, senior pastors, and tech teams can be equipped to serve the LORD in their local churches. 6 Main Sessions taught by Mike MacIntosh, Raul Ries, Steve Whinery, Larry Powers and Holland Davis with a special Q & A Session. Worship Encounters led by Stomptown Revival, Zach Hodges, Joshua Blevins, Jered Caballero, Daniel Galindo, Nathan Sander with times of afterglow and communion. 30 workshops taught by leading tech innovators such as QSC, Audio Fusion, Worship MD, Worship Space and   7 Tracks... Tech Track, Songwriting Track, Visual Track, Kid's Worship Track, Vocal Track, Worship Track, Instrumental Track 

CCA East Coast Worship Conference - September 27-28

AS IT IS WRITTEN “This is the thing which the Lord commanded you to do, and the glory of the Lord will appear to you.” Leviticus 9:6. Join us, for this years East Coast Worship Conference, at Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia, 13500 Philmont ave. Philadelphia, PA 19116. SCHEDULE: Friday Sept. 27th - 7:00pm – 9:30pm. Saturday, Sept. 28th - 8:00am – 4:00pm. G U E S T S P E A K E R S: Mike Focht, Dave Miller. Alex Ortiz. Rob Paoletti, Brian Weed

CCA Deep South Worship Conference - January 16-18

On several occasions in the Bible, God rolls back the curtain between heaven and earth and gives us a glimpse of the heavenly scene. Whenever we’re allowed to gaze into God’s throne room we always see it engulfed with praise and worship. The exaltation of God is the eternal occupation of everything that has breath! God created you and I to worship Him. Given our privilege, it boggles my mind to realize that you and I have been called by God to lead His people in the sublimest and holiest of activities. “Unqualified” describes us all. When it comes to leading worship we need all the help we can get, and I look forward to opportunities where I can gain fresh insights. On Thursday through Saturday, January 16-18, Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain is providing a time for church leaders to sharpen their perspective and skills regarding this vital subject of worship. We’ll consult our authority, God’s Word, spend time before the Lord giving Him the glory due His name, and fellowshipping with other leaders who take up this challenge weekly. Check in for the conference begins Thursday at 4:00 PM, and our first session starts at 7:00. The conference concludes Saturday at noon. You can register using the link below. We hope you and a team from your church can join us. Sandy Adams and Matt Houston

Regional Worship Conferences

Pure and Simple Worship Conference - August 9-10

Our desire is to offer a time of refreshment and get back to the heart of worship. Our theme will be “Worship The Lord In The Beauty Of Holiness”. (Psalm 96:9) Instead of predominately technical workshops, we’ll be offering breakout sessions designed to ignite the hearts and souls of all who attend. We’re excited about this year’s vision, and we’re excited about serving you. It’s going to be a wonderful time together. See you in August!

EQ Worship Conference - October 10-12

EQ Worship Ministry seeks to build up the kingdom of God by cultivating our God-given, God-driven desires to know Him and make Him known. We aspire to worship Jesus in both Spirit and Truth and to lead others into a deeper revelation of what worship is and what our ultimate purpose is while here on this earth. EQ Worship is a ministry of Calvary Chapel Tri-Cities.

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